You have the vision, we have the plan! Whether an extensive destination wedding on a white sandy beach, a modern city wedding or a romantic free wedding in an enchanted forest and under centuries-old trees – a limitless number of spectacular locations are just waiting to provide the backdrop for your most beautiful moments. 


As your wedding planner, we accompany you – from formalities and administrative procedures related to the marriage, to the concept development of your wedding decorations, to budget, time and process planning as well as the on-site support and coordination of your wedding. In and around Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf and far beyond the borders. 


Are you ready for the greatest adventure of your life? We look forward to accompanying you on your unforgettable journey! 


Every bridal couple has their own love story, which should be reflected in the design concept. Our main task as a wedding planner is to find out what suits you and to combine your ideas into a coherent overall concept that expresses your individual style and corresponds to your personal wishes. 

Our greatest source of inspiration is our couples. You give us the best ideas. Once they’re in our heads, there’s no stopping them. There is nothing that does not exist. The core of our cooperation is a creative exchange. You bring your own ideas into the wedding planning, help shape it and let your attitude towards life flow into the wedding celebration. 

 Personal love stories are told and styles lived out, very individually. This is the only true trend: stay true to yourself and follow your heart!